An open research platform that connects fundamental knowledge, scientific hypotheses, digital approaches and technologies to create products and applications, end-to-end and cyclical ecosystems.
Our research and development focused on breakthrough technologies in bioenergy, power generation, agriculture, transportation system, sports and tourism.

Research and Development


We have invented unique thermochemical technology of supercritical fluid, solving the problem of transformation organic substance (waste) into clean energy without any kind of bad emissions. Our technology “HYDROGASER” will help many industries turn harmful organic waste into marketable economic products such as biomethane and hydrogen.

Digital agriculture and new fertilizers


The human population is growing steadily and with it the demands for volume, quality and sustainable methods of food production are growing.
The new technology for the production of nutrient solutions and nitrogen fertilizers is based on plasma action on various substances during a phase transition that occurs during deformation of a continuous medium. When synthesizing fertilizers, only electricity and soil pulp with water are used. Along with an open system of knowledge and methods available to farmers in the form of a digital platform, our development will contribute to a favorable and competitive environment for the development of the crop production sector, while respecting nature.

Transport platforms

From horse wagon to a self-drive electric car in some 200 years, it’s fast. Further even more faster.
The direction of our research:
– new interaction models (manufacturer + distributor + user) x digital service;
– new digital platforms for private passenger transport operators;
– eVTOL.


Aerodynamics is an extremely conservative science, keeping traditions, we propose to move towards development. Today our areas of research are:
– regularities of continuous medium and vortex flows;
– new mathematical and physical models for describing the horizontal flight of an aircraft;
– supersonic propeller
– a strategy for bringing new models of eVTOL equipment to the market.


Digital systems and related models are rapidly penetrating all spheres of human life, and it’s time to think about the use of numbers in justice. We develop and promote the concept of a digital platform of justice FEMIDA.

Electric Power

Digital technologies are being actively set up into the field of electrical grids, but the method of electricity transmission over high-voltage lines has remained unchanged for many decades. To unlock the potential of the industry on a new technological track, we are researching the characteristics and possibilities of using single-wire transmission lines.


Creating modern sports digital content and a digital environment will help many novice athletes and professionals unknown to a wide audience find their way to Olympus. For this purpose, we have developed the concept of the CYBER FIGHTING digital platform.


We explore practical cases and new directions for implementation in the new era of post-covid.


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